The TRATO-TLV Group conducts business in a responsible way, prioritising environmental protection and health and safety.

    Our Values

    We pay close attention to the needs and suggestions of our clients and those of our internal and external suppliers in order to build and maintain collaborative, productive and harmonious relationships
    We follow an ethics code and adhere to all laws, regulations and standards in order to provide our internal and external partners with a safe and serene environment
    We believe in involvement, integrity and keeping promises as a way of creating a climate of trust with our partners so that we can work together to meet the set objectives
    We implement performance measuring, training and continuous improvement so that our clients can really feel the benefits of our innovation policy.

    Bespoke products

    Our industrial tool in France allows us to meet the specific requests we receive from designers, architects, lighting designers or end users. An integrated engineering department enables TRATO-TLV to respond quickly and effectively to requests for bespoke products.

    Sustainable development

    TRATO’s lighting solutions are effective because they combine energy efficiency lamps and components with lights that can be controlled by intelligent lighting management systems.

    Because TRATO-TLV has a versatile Engineering Department at the heart of its company, it can use the finest and most effective materials to create innovative and efficient light fixtures.

    From manufacturing the fixtures to offering advice on lighting, TRATO-TLV is firmly focused on a concern for sustainable development, and pays special attention to energy efficiency:

    • Managing optical design in order to manufacture ever more efficient lighting
    • Using the highly reflecting mirror optics MIRO® (Alanod)
    • Using anti-reflective glass
    • Using high transmission light diffusers
    • Integrating dimmable ballasts
    • Integrating detection sensors
    • Implementing intelligent lighting management solutions

    Our concern for the environment is the reason behind our use of luminaires offering the greatest potential savings, i.e. a combination of energy efficient lamps, components and fixtures and intelligent control systems.

    Trato-TLV respect sustainable development and environmental performance principles with Recylum partnership whitch organize the collect and recycling of used lamps in France.

    Design & Innovation

    By integrating a design unit into its Engineering Department, the TRATO-TLV Group has been able to develop fixtures with added aesthetic value. This means that the TRATO-TLV product range offers a harmonious combination of light and architecture. The integrated R&D department focuses on LED technology.

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