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“Lighting solutions for health”

TLV is able to offer a range of well-designed products because the first stage of its process is to agree on the ergonomics of each product with each client in order to fully meet the needs of different care facilities: Hospitals, clinics and retirement homes.

The atmosphere created by indirect lighting from bedhead trunking units promotes wellbeing by creating a comfortable atmosphere. Direct lighting allows caregivers to see clearly when performing their therapeutic duties.

The biomedical products designed for technical platforms, such as trunking units, columns, arms, beams, accessories and medical gas alarms provide a supply of electricity and medical gases that is safe for the patients.

The ceiling lighting range ensures that corridors can be navigated with ease for optimal confort.

The company offers the most complete range on the market, implementing the most advanced technologies.The many models equiped with LED contribute to sustainable development through the long life and high efficiency of sources.

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